Primary and Prep Schools

Seeds for Kids provides bespoke healthy eating project designed to support and underpin schools curriculum goals. We offer workshops, seminars, assemblies, and pupils competitions specifically designed accordingly to the school needs and schedule.

Successful projects include the healthy eating weeks, the science of food, healthy eating for the sports week, the power of food during exams, and many more to come.


Seminar for Parents

We believe that any food and taste education projects offered at school should involve the parents community. Raffaella offers seminars to raise awareness about the journey their child starts at school and to explain how with the taste education method they can change their child’s food habits.

Seminars can be tailored accordingly to the school’s needs and may include:

  • How to increase children’s acceptance of new food
  • How to prepare healthy balanced meals and snacks for children
  • Healthy eating and mental health
  • Healthy food during exams preparation, sports activities
  • How to deal with a fussy eater


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